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Time Line 2013

City (Re)Searchers Rotterdam
Friday 11 and Saturday 12, 2013
Wijkwaarden huis
('Gemaal) in the pretoria lawn 141 in Rotterdam
(close to Subway Maashaven)

Session 1 – Friday 11, 2013 at 15.30 – 18.00
An Application [to carry out an EU feasibility study in 2011] that lists what was important then…
3 aims
  1. To probe how to reach lay/local knowledge beyond the reach of cultural policy and institutional approaches;
  2. To travel to 3 cities (Cork, Derry, Kaunas) and end with a reflective event in Rotterdam;
  3. To work using the tactics of engaged art practice and informed by an inter-disciplinary team.
4 goals
(1) Assess existing data sets of knowledge about culture and community;
(2) Incorporate and develop new measurement and conceptual insights;
(3) Proffer recommendations for new methodologies and methods;
(4) Produce proposals and recommendations.

5 outcomes
(1) Establish a cultural rights discussion;
(2) Identify ways to invest in the nature of precariousness and the role that informal practitioner collectives have for the creation of public-ness;
(3) Establish discreet cultural actions in these cities which calibrate modestly with the scale of the global challenge facing European democracies;
(4) Identify how culture can be more permeable for political agents/agencies to understand what capacities it brings to creating and sustaining public value beyond consumer/economic models
(5) Produce short pamphlets or similar materials related to 1-4 above.

7 shifts to what is important for me now…Yours can be different!
(1) Invest in meaning-making through cooperative practices with fellow-sailors by donating time and talent, knowledge and capacities to make a difference.
(2) Witness what culture can do and how can culture transform persons and places
(3) Protest the bad and the ugly views about culture
(4) Reform the lacunae in all our cultural institutions and community movements, closing the gap between aspiration and action where change itself is limited.
(5) Transform persons and places through practices that try to be brave in the face of fears
(6) Revolt against the non-performance of actions and stupidity
(7) Critique the ecology/appellation of local community culture

TASK 1: Work in small groups. Use your pamphlet idea to consider a through-line (lessons, learning) from the beginning of the project to NO

Session 2 – Friday 11, 2013 at 19.30 – Dinner with Guest
Invitations were sent out to people known by Jeanne in Rotterdam and who may be interested to have a deeper conversation about the City Researches Process. They will be interested in our experience in Cork, Belfast and Kaunas as well as the assembly of ideas and challenges as we passed from place to place. They will also be interested in the ‘PIE Group’ platform and how each of us has experienced it. They will also be interested to eavesdrop on our reflections. In order to give the session some small focus, we propose to focus speak about ‘community’ building on the presentations of Niall O’Baoill and Jeanne in Kaunas.

TASK 2: Introduce City Researches and Researchers and take a look at the theme of ‘community’

Session 3 – Saturday 12, 2013 at 10.00 – 13.00

An Invitation to join made in December 2011 / January 2012
Mary Jane Jacob’s pamphlet noted "art is the artists’ life’s work and, in turn, it is about life (…) We have agency (...) because we ar e conscious of being in the dynamic process that is life." City Researchers came as an invitation.
“It looks likely we will get some funding for an international project focused on Experiences of Being Public and linked to four cities: Cork, Derry, Kaunas and Rotterdam. The 'we' in this case is Blue Drum (IE), Kaunas Biennial (LT) and Community Arts Partnership (NI). Look it is not a big bang project, with big bang money but it is real, it can be incremental and is interested in mapping local (community) knowledge, developing an intelligence that is often overlooked and which can contribute 'something' to some of the indissoluble problems we now face. What do you think? Could it fit with some of your own concerns and interests at this time?:”

TASK 3 From you Pamphlet content make a Map of why you got involved in City Researches, where you are at now and what we can take forward together from it (shared

Session 3 – Saturday 12, 2013 at 14.00 – 17.00
We are in the moment of fruition. Have we anything to disseminate? We can discuss dissemination as an act of assemblage which may not be about validating the ‘research’ but more towards a personal/PIE analysis i.e. what have we learned together? How can we put all this learning into a space that is ‘receptive’ but not privileged? How can assemblages show the state of the ‘city’, of ‘community’. Can we find places, moments, events to go continue the work of an open ended platform. What can we disseminate to each other that is different to a ‘book’ or a ‘pamphlet’ or a ‘conference’. Can we keep together in an honest way? Can we keep co-depending, co-creating?

City (Re)Searches: Experiences of Publicness was part funded by the Creative Europe cultural policy research strand from June 2012 until May 2014.
TASK 4 – Continuity Plan and Dissemination of Pamphlets